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Our Ingredients

Hazelnuts: Our Oregon hazelnuts are grown on the foothills of the Chehalem Mountains. The weather, soil and environment in the Pacific Northwest combined makes it the perfect location to grow high quality hazelnuts that Oregon is known for! No GMOS.

Sugar: Our sugar always comes from cane sugar and processed with no bone char filtering.

Cocoa: We make sure our cocoa comes from fair trade companies, who practice responsible production that does not get in the way of our mission to be the friendliest butter. We ask for certifications and keep copies of them for future inquiry. 

Vanillin: Our vanillin does not come from animal by products such as beavers, which was an older method to attain the same aromas and flavors of vanilla. Vanillin these days, such as ours, derives from fruits and tree compounds.

That, with a sprinkle of sea salt, is what makes our delicious spreads the friendliest butter! Thank you for visiting!