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Our Plastic Jars

(We are actively looking for the best environmentally friendly jars! If you are a seller please contact us!)

Here at headquarters, we are always asking what we can do better, for our environment. We know the outcome of plastic and how it affects the oceans, animals and forest throughout Earth. At the local level, you may return our jars with lids for 25 cents at all pop ups, meetups and farmer’s markets nationwide anytime you see us.

While this is only a band aid to the solution, we are continuing to look for environmentally friendly containers and packaging, while still maintaining our low prices, so it may be affordable and accessible to every walk of life.

We understand that there are also those who are willing to pay a little extra for glass jars, and because of this, we also carry the option now during checkout. We know as we grow, it will be much more easier to reach our goals and to truly align with the business morale of preserving our Earth!