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Hey! Hazelnut Receives PETA DC Approval

Tinico Goods LLC
Burke, VA 22015
Contact: media@heyhazelnut.com


WASHINGTON DC, (July 15, 2017) Hey Hazelnut received direct approval by PETA DC of its vegan hazelnut butter in July, during a volunteer PETA event. Hey, a brand created by Tinico Goods LLC, who supports animal rights, were introduced to the Washington DC vegan community during this event, as well as other local animal rights organizations. During the event, Hey founder, Kenny Reyna, promised that “every product produced will never contain any animal by products, for as long as I’m around.”  PETA organizer, Dan Carron, asked those in attendance to support all local startup food businesses, that direct themselves towards vegan mantras. Kenny Reyna spoke for about two minutes, letting people know the roots of Tinico Goods and to declare Hey’s stance of veganism in the food industry. Some of those in attendance were members of PETA headquarters in Norfolk, VA who applauded Hey for their declaration and promise to fight the food industry that perpetuates animal cruelty in various systems.

“One of our main goals is to show that yes, it is possible to make delicious treats like our competitors, without the use of animal by products. Whether it is in our sugars, which contain no bone char processing, or negating ingredients such as palm oil that destroys the environment and forest animal inhabitants,” Kenny Reyna said.

Hey, is a food brand developed in the northern Virginia region, by the startup Tinico Goods LLC. They have been registered, certified and licensed by the county, state and federal divisions to operate within Burke, Virginia. Hey will be attending other PETA events throughout the year, to introduce their other vegan, palm oil free cocoa hazelnut spread, Nutrolli. At the time, Hey Hazelnut can only be ordered online at www.heyhazelnut.com. Hey Hazelnut provides free shipping in the northern Virginia region, and all of Washington DC twice a week.