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The Friendliest Butter

When we say this, we mean that we love to be friendly to all walks of life. This also means that none of our ingredients have any animal products or by products in its creation. While we can say vegan, it is important to note that we are always trying to improve our standards and show that there can be delicious products out there, without the use of animal by products.

About Hey!Hazelnut

Our Hey! Brand makes sure that our butters and spread ingredients come from organically certified farms and distributors. This is the only way to make sure we are using the best ingredients for the highest quality taste in each delicious jar. If you are in the Northern Virginia region, please contact us for local rates and 1 day delivery. 

We have seen the environmental flaws in today’s businesses. Unfortunately, USA has turned more into a twisted oligarchical system, which stems off of the moves of irresponsible capitalist. This is the system we live in now. But there are good businesses out there within that system, that are trying to change and takeover the mistakes we made. One of the largest environmentally damaging events that has occurred in our generation is the palm oil industry. And the biggest culprit in this industry is FERRERO – who makes tic tacs, kinders, rochers and you guessed it. Nutella! The FERRERO family is in the top FIVE richest families in the world! And they destroyed the homes of animals while doing it! Bit by bit, we need to knock more pieces off their worldly block. Start by supporting those who will cut into their margins if supported enough by not only vegans, but by everyone. One company, in USA has their goal set to destroy this company, and they need your help. They figured out a way to make the same tasty treat, but without palm oil. And soon, without sugar! FERRERO is too deep, to back away from the palm oil mess they created, even though there IS a way to make Nutella without it. Support this company. Support others like them.

Because Bad Business Happens, When Good Businesses Do Nothing!